Briffany yoga, barre and wellness is a personal website for Brianna Norton and Tiffany Newell. Brianna is the mind body manager at exhale Atlanta Midtown and Tiffany is a core fusion barre and yoga teacher at exhale Atlanta Midtown. Brianna and Tiffany are passionate about fitness and wellness. 


If you go all day without eating much protein and then sit down to an 8-ounce steak at dinner (60 grams of protein), the chances are only about half of that will be used for muscle building, some for energy, and the rest stored as fat. Recent studies are showing that when protein is evenly distributed throughout the day, the amount of muscle protein synthesis was 25% greater compared to when protein was only eaten at one meal. 

Not only does protein timing help to build stronger muscles, it also plays a key role in stopping muscle breakdown. If you go too long without eating enough protein your body will start to breakdown your muscles. Studies show that eating about 30 grams of protein per meal is one of the best ways to preserve muscle mass. 


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